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Insurance Products


As a leading property insurance company, our National Hospitality Practice spans from coast to coast. This expertise gives us insight into industry specific trends and the ability to manage complex property risks across the U.S.. We utilize best practices of catastrophe modeling and benchmarking to fully discover gaps and values for comprehensive coverage.

Our hospitality team delivers on the following services:

  • Hospitality market-wide reconnaissance on current and expected property trends
  • Detailed information about carrier appetite developments
  • Intelligence on new products, programs and services available specific to the hospitality industry
  • Nationwide standards and best practices as well as service enhancements to our customers

We take a Holistic approach to improving casualty insurance and risk management.

The RRA Hospitality Group is made up of risk management professionals equipped to find gaps in coverage others often miss. By forming strong partnerships with our hospitality groups, using gap analysis, and looking at your overall business, we provide customized, comprehensive, and cost-efficient insurance solutions.

Our process includes:

  • Uncovering uninsured and underinsured losses, contractual liability and coverage gaps.
  • Pre-renewal meetings include pertinent stakeholders within your organization including the finance department, human resources, operations and risk management departments.
  • Claims and loss control – our dedicated claims and loss control team extensively reviews your legacy loss information. We then develop claim mitigation and loss prevention programs to improve your claims process.
  • Program structure and insurance premiums – we design a program that meets your current needs while also being flexible enough to grow and expand as your business does, by providing multiple options inclusive of various programs structures, coverage, limits and pricing.